About Our Pharmacy

All of our trained technicians work on processing and filling prescriptions, ordering the medications needed, as well as working on getting prior authorizations and T.A.R.’s for our customers in a timely manner. And our clerks work together on getting refills for our customers, making sure our deliveries and mail prescriptions go out each day and order the over the counter items for the store. Even though we all work together as a team each of our trained staff members also have their expertise in certain areas.


While most pharmacies have become impersonal, we continually strive to offer personal attention. Our customers are greeted every time they visit and treated like family. We are always available to answer questions and to discuss medication concerns.

Badal Satasia

Badal Satasia is our pharmacist and pharmacy owner who obtained Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA where he received extensive training and field experience in Mental health, diabetes care, metabolic disorders, heart health and many other areas of practice. He can administer vaccines and other injectable medications. He is always striving to bring the customers the things they may need, and to help them to understand and have knowledge about their pharmaceutical needs. Even on the busiest of days Badal always has time for our customers as he knows them by name and sees them as family. He is very understanding and will try to help in any way he can to insure that you get the things you need to keep you healthy.

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